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World’s First Funding-Integrated International Student Enrollment Marketing Platform

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How AdmitRight Works

GradRight: Ecosystem Enabling ‘Right Education at 
the Right Cost’

Global & Systemic Problem in Higher Education



struggle to choose & finance their college education

60% students opt out of higher education due to financial constraints


lose out on deserving students

25% offered students cannot enroll due to funding constraints


unable to serve the unique needs of education financing

50% students rejected due to low current income of families


Express your cohort preferences for each program


Download the Motivated and Interested  (MI) student profiles or have your CRM access them


Invite with an app fee waiver or a scholarship. Webinar or a 1-1 zoom call.  Access smart recommendations to engage and convert!

Drive the change you want
with GradRight

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Drive the change you want
with GradRight

Platform Powered by Data Analytics

Visibility on Full Student Profile

World's First Student Loan Bidding Platform

Direct and Transparent Engagement with Students

Globally Scalable Integrated Ecosystem

Non Success Fee model

What's a success fee model?

The GradRight Difference

Introducing AdmitRight

Ever-growing pool

Access the most motivated, fundable & matched student profiles year round

Quality, as you define

Customize target class you want to build for each program, for each country of choice

Get more to convert

Engage early and invite the students you like to apply, with the most meaningful offers

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$2 Billion+ student loan amount requests

GradRight specializes in working with students and higher education institutions around the world.

20,000+ enrolled

$165 Million+ funded

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Director, University Partnerships (Mid-Atlantic US)

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Director of Strategic Communications

Build your brand in India at ShiftEd and the students will come

1,000 US bound students

20 leading US universities

10 top international & Indian lenders

Top voices in Higher Ed

National & regional Indian media

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